An entry for the DB2017 Game Jam. See more at or!

You've had a long day of bussing, but now it's time to go home. It's a race against time between you and your sleep deprivation to see if you'll make it out, or, shame of shames, fall asleep on stream.

(Desert Bus for Home is a work of Interactive Fiction built in Inform 7 and presented with Parchment. In order to play, either download the blorb file and play it in your own Z Machine, or click "Play in Browser" above. Full screen is recommended, Parchment in browser is a little finicky about scrolling. If you can't see any response to your command, scroll down.)

Interesting features:

  • Fully implemented LICK command. Try licking everything!
  • Desert Bus Memes!
  • Continuity Errors!
  • Very little gameplay!

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